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hokay, for y'all that are apart of the MLP:FiM page on here, it kinda looks like the group disappeared. Facebook has been contacted. We are sure this is just a glitch. If you can't get to the group you weren't banned. Just FYI.
Celestia and Twilight admins are working on the issue.

-Admin Luna
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:iconparty1plz:  WELCOME!!  :iconparty1plz:

Welcome to the dA branch group of the Facebook group "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". The Facebook group is at:…

For best results, we recommend that you join both groups.

This group is a place for members of the Facebook group the ability to share their work. It is also used for the following purposes:
  • Enabling interested people to watch the works of artists they like.
  • Running art contests for the Facebook group.
  • Communicating among ourselves.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 26, 2012


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54 Members
60 Watchers
3,749 Pageviews
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Sunset Shimmer stuck by Uponia
Twi stuck 2 by Uponia
Twilight Admirable by Uponia
Sunset Curious by Uponia
Mane Six and Spike
My Little Pony - Motivational Ponies Stickers by PurpleNightTheKitty


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Minimalist Rarity by JujuBabies
Princess Twilight Sparkle by random-person101
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Inkscape - Could you resist this face? by TheStorm117
Inkscape - Hugs? by TheStorm117
Illustrator - Sweetie Belle has a plan by TheStorm117
Inkscape - Glomp by TheStorm117
Side Minor and Background Characters
Moonflower by PurpleNightTheKitty
Just a pony (Countess Coloratura fanart) by PurpleNightTheKitty
Golden Age Of Equestria by PurpleNightTheKitty
Vinyl Scratch~! *Uncolored* by RainbowDash212
Taco Tuesday! Sonata Dusk Journal Doll by PurpleNightTheKitty
Humanized Discord by Flutterbye4ever
Takeover Equestria by Meowplease
Chibi Chrysalis by SpectralPony
Pets and Creatures
Mixed group
Pixel Commissions Info 2015 by PurpleNightTheKitty
The Shimmer Princess by random-person101
Learning To Fly by thepiplup
Hold Your Ground, Defend Your Friends (Complete) by thepiplup
Tame by random-person101
Prize Request- Ggena by random-person101
Scratch the Rainbow by thepiplup
PinkieShy ~Flowers~ by WhiteCloud72988
Plants vs Zomponies by Jezendar
Eye of Sombra by Jezendar
Linky Pie by Blazinbutcher
The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Mare by Jezendar
Original Characters
[Gift] Crystal Andrea by Uponia
Workshop Creations
Prototype: Element of Harmony Key of Kindness v1.0 by Ilana2004
Rise of the Elements Prologue Page 13 by TheSpiritShift
Goddess by SteffyO1992
Creative Gaming
MLP Memes
Work for Critique
Generator Ponies Exclusively
Nocturne Star Reference and Bio by Jezendar
Princess Luna Fan Journal Doll by PurpleNightTheKitty



:bulletyellow: Please limit posting to things MLP related.
:bulletgreen: Treat other members with respect. Art critiques should be constructive and helpful. Don't insult the work or the artist. If you can't say anything nice, then just don't say anything.
:bulletblue: Content and comments must be PG. No artworks or comments of a sexual or saucy nature. No violence, gore, excessive obscenity, or bigoted content. All of dA's upload rules apply.



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Meowplease Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Sure lol
DShou Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
I'ma . . . uh, ask the question again.

Are we still using the group? Considering activity seems to be relatively dead since the last time I commented, I could try my best to help revive it if so.

Assist in admin stuff maybe, 'though that's probably asking too much.

There's been a few artists showing up over back at the FB group after all which is why I'm asking.
shyredd Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The group is baaaaack :)
Meowplease Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
No one has been submitting, thats the main problem, its kinda just for fun
DShou Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Ah, alright, just wanted to confirm.

Of course of course, but I happen to consider organizing and such fun anyways so I thought I'd like to try and help out is all once ya confirmed that.
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